About Us

The future of beauty

Sempasi is the future you can find out now and here. You can see it, listen to it, feel it, integrate it into your everyday life. It is a loyal partner and one of the certainties you need.

We know this because the creation of the range of hi-tech devices for skin and body care was inspired by you - for you to be rewarded for all your efforts, for you to have more confidence in yourself, because the most precious moment it is now and you need to enjoy it.

Feeling good, safe and in the best shape are the 3 wishes fulfilled by Sempasi beauty gadgets because they combine the passion for beauty with cutting-edge technology, have proven effectiveness and perform well in personal safety.
The Sempasi range consists of beauty gadgets specially dedicated to different areas of the body, with skin care benefits.
"We created these smart personal care devices to be able to provide professional-level beauty and grooming procedures in your own home."



Our mission

We already have 6 devices in our portfolio, with modern, cutting-edge technologies, and a path forward that we want to travel with you.
The first signs of skin suffering from acne, the first fine lines and even the wrinkles that betray the passage of time – you are not alone in this adventure! Our mission is to offer you the most effective personalized care solutions, in the comfort of your home.


Anywhere anytime

We have created modern and ergonomic products that work effectively for fast therapies and results wherever you want, in your time and for your needs.



Sempasi beauty devices incorporate innovative and state-of-the-art technologies - vibrations of different intensities, pulsations, LED light, heat therapy, cryotherapy, electrostimulation - and generate multiple proven benefits for both skin and body:
- helps to deep clean the skin;
- support skin hydration;
- they have an anti-wrinkle and lifting effect;
- offers relaxing and firming massage.


Day by day results

The effects of facial and body treatments made with Sempasi devices are seen immediately, but also in the long term.
After the first use, the skin is firmer and brighter. After 3-4 weeks of daily use, the benefits are multiple: from optimizing hydration to anti-aging effects.


Sempasi is a recognized and registered brand at European level that uses state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality materials. Our factory has an activity based on safety and quality principles, holding CE, ROHS, ISO9001, WEEE certifications. Our products undergo rigorous testing before they are put on the production line.